Producent: Polar Eclipse Theatre

Om Polar Eclipse Theatre

Polar Eclipse Theatre is a new international theatre company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was formed by Chris Killik, Cheryl Murphy, Pontus Olgrim and Jo Rideout who met working together on a Stockholm production of Much Ado About Nothing in 2014. They felt that there was a need in Sweden to create a new and vibrant theatre company which would bring together the creative and performance talents of international directors, actors, designer and writers. In its planned inaugural season, the creative and acting talent come from Sweden, Finland, Norway, UK, Australia, Ireland, and America; a truly international company celebrating and maintaining Sweden’s energy and commitment to high quality productions, and presenting new and existing theatre writing of excellence.
To lead the artistic vision of the company, Polar Eclipse asked Neil Rutherford to become Artistic Director, having 30 years experience as a director, producer, casting director, writer and actor in London, Australia, Europe and America. Initially the productions will be presented in English which Polar Eclipse feel will be welcomed by a Swedish audience as well as the huge number of tourists visiting Sweden each year, and additionally, the English speaking settlers from other countries. Most importantly, with the connections of the international creative and acting company, the productions will originate in Sweden, and then be produced internationally.


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