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Om Susanna Leinonen Company

SUSANNA LEINONEN COMPANY, founded in 2001 by coreographer Susanna Leinonen, is one of the leading Finnish contemporary dance groups. The Company has performed in more than 20 countries in festivals such as Julidans, Dance Biennale Tokyo and SIDance.

Susanna Leinonen is know for her unique, precisely detailed and physical movement language that combines contemporary dance with classical ballet. The company´s works are recognizable for an uncompromising approach to creating a complete universe on stage: tailor-made music, ambitious video projections and innovative light design unite the different aspects as a wholecreating poetic start and surreal visions.

She also already has her own audience base in Sweden as she has performed there with dansnät Sverige in 2012 and 2016 and worked as a quest choreographer in Göteborgs Opera 2011 and skånes dansteater 2008 & 2012.

Her three touring works are Nasty(Premiere in autumn 2018), Dreams of Replay(2017), and SEE | OBEY (2015)


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