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ilDance is an independent and international contemporary dance company and a production coordinating collective based in Gothenburg, Sweden. 
ilDance was founded as a result of Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer's humble belief in the diversity of methods and ways to produce and create contemporary performing arts. They sensed that the time has come to channel their many years of experience into a new entity which would introduce new orders and patterns into the otherwise preconceived system of independent dance around the world today.

At ilDance we are determent to nurture and strengthen the links between the artists and the audience. We aspire to bind local and global dance communities, relate independent artists and large institutions and deepen the connections between the professional dance world and the education of future generations.
We believe in the necessity of uniting the various work methods within the broad spectrum of contemporary performing arts.

At ilDance we stand for contemporary art which is honest and expressive. We create and support productions which are triggered by an urge to react and create as a subjective reflection upon our reality and the mysterious dimensions of the body, mind and soul. Our work focuses on art which is genuine, humble and communicative. We believe that art is an authentic expression of the self and therefore, should be rewarded. We highly value individuality and personal expression and we promote the legitimacy and importance of verity and versatility within the contemporary dance community.
As well as producing original creations by our artistic directors Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer, ilDance produces various other events and productions in which we collaborate with local and international partners.
We are devoted to creating supportive and helpful opportunities for international independent choreographers who create from the same urge and passion that we stand for. Alongside this, we encourage and support creation and research of contemporary dance by young and emerging choreographers who are at the beginning of their artistic journey.
We often invite guests to participate in our productions and activities based on our honest interest in the merging of various styles, genres and methods. This eclectic approach is driven by our attraction and enthusiasm for exchange with other artists and with a wide range of audiences.  
Due to our curious and inquisitive nature, we are immensely open and available for invitations to projects with partners from other organizations on both national and international scales.

The communication between our collaborators and sharing between the artists and the audience has been evident in ilDance's work from the start and will continue to guide our steps into the future.


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